Why online lottery players are still doing these silly mistakes?

Why online lottery players are still doing these silly mistakes?

Find out about the most popular lintasarea lotto mistakes these days. Here are some bad practices players from lintasarea.com tend to follow.

Recently, lintasarea.com has tried to make a research regarding the company’s lotto community. Apart from getting quite amazed and pleasantly surprised by its rise with each next day, this lottery provider has found out that many of the customers are doing some common and unfortunately, stupid mistakes. After speaking with the company’s team we have decided to list them all. This is how all the online lottery lovers – regardless whether they play in lintasarea, or somewhere else – can stop doing silly things, but instead, will increase their chances for a good win.

  • Playing with the same numbers over and over again. There’s a rumor across the experienced and not so experienced lottery fans that eventually they will bring a win. Actually, among the biggest lotto winners there are no people who claim to have got the jackpot with the numbers they always choose.
  • Buying tickets from the most popular and classical lottery providers. In other words, some people lose their chances for getting good odds from small lotteries. It’s a huge mistake, because, as a matter of fact, a research has come up with a conclusion that you have 45% more chances to get a jackpot from a less famous lottery company.
  • Choosing the luckiest lottery company. We are not even sure what the luckiest lottery company is. There are punters who claim that there are places where the jackpots fall more often than the in others. These places are called the luckiest lotteries ever. If this is so, then, if today, someone wins a jackpot at lintasarea.com, it’s more likely for you to win one tomorrow. That sounds absurd, especially if having in mind that today 65% of the lotteries are with progressive jackpots.
  • Here’s something mysterious and very funny – a study has shown that there’s a small group of online lottery lovers that sticks to the fortune-telling as a strategy. You don’t believe it, but it’s true. The study shows that 10% of today’s lottery fans, who buy tickets from an online source, choose their numbers after discussing them with real mages.
  • Not finding out about the win. Believe it, or not, there are plenty of winners who forget to claim for their withdrawals. Moreover – there are even lottery players that forget to check out if their tickets are winning. Dear punters please don’t forget that things in life nowadays usually have deadlines, so make sure to be aware of them regarding each lotto game you choose.
  • Playing in a group with no validation. The lotto syndicates have been familiar and popular since the rise of the lottery game back in the previous century. It’s a trend that eventually has been adopted in numerous online platforms such as lintasarea. Unfortunately, many players lose their money in case of a win in a group due to no contracts or legal documents regarding this partnership.


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