Different Keno Variants You Should Know About

Different Keno Variants You Should Know About

The page is discussing about different keno variants like Mini Keno, Power Keno, and Progressive Jackpot Keno that you can play in online gambling platforms.

It’s regardless to mention that online keno is one of the most rewarding and exhilarating gambling games today’s players can have. It’s a simple game of numbers where your gambling fortune will be tangled with the number combination you select. But do you know there are plenty of keno variants available online? It’s worth knowing about these variants because even a slight alteration of rules can change your winning or losing luck.

Now, let’s make a swift journey through everything you need to know about online keno variants.

Mini Keno

While most online keno games draw the outcomes from eighty balls pool, this keno version takes half of it. Hence, when a standard keno game draws out 20 balls, mini keno outcomes will be encompassing ten balls. All other gaming rules are quite similar to the standard version of keno; the only difference is the mini version of the game.

Power Keno

When a player gets a matching number in the gaming outcome, it is regarded as a catch. If you are lucky enough to catch the last number in this keno variant, your winnings will be boosted by a 4x multiplier.

Like the traditional game, this game comprises 80 balls as well. Therefore, a chance of catching the last ball is 1 in 80. Although catching the last ball is hard enough, it cannot be held as impossible. And, as you don’t need to wager any additional money on the side bets, this game is worthy of playing. The gaming outcome brings up 20 balls. However, you can select between 10 and 2 numbers.

While most casino sites feel contented offering just one online keno version, reputable online gambling sites believe in showcasing more than one suitable keno variant.

Progressive Jackpot Keno

Galore of gamblers love to play progressive slot machines, and they also feel a similar inclination towards keno. If you are among them and thinking that it would have been great if keno games had the capacity of proffering massive winnings like progressive reels, this keno variant is just for you. 

It’s quite hard to win progressive jackpot keno. But, if you have won, you are sure to have life-changing amounts. However, currently, there are only a few progressive keno titles available online.

Live Dealer Keno  

Just before 2020, it was hard to find out a live dealer keno title. However, Evolution gaming has changed the scenario by introducing a lotto/keno hybrid title naming Mega Ball. The game follows the rule set of keno and conducts the gameplay with 51 balls. The outcomes come out through 20 balls, and before selecting the final ball, a multiplier between 100x to 5x can arrive randomly to amplify your winnings.

RTP of Online Keno Games 

Similar to the online video slot titles, online keno titles contain different RTP percentages too.  RTP or Return to Player percentage means the ratio of wagered money the game is returning to players in the form of prize money. A game can have an RTP of 70%, while one can encompass 90%. It’s always better to choose the game with a higher RTP percentage since it proffers more frequent winnings than the prior one.


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