Top poker Twitter profiles to follow in the 2020

Top poker Twitter profiles to follow in the 2020

Meet a couple of interesting Twitter poker profiles that can be useful for you after daftar lapak303. Follow these casino pros to get the latest trends and special tips to implement in your activity, too.

As an average player or a newbie in the field of online poker, there are some general things you should do in order to guarantee your progress. First, consider the other options except for daftar lapak303 and make a list with all the newest and top rated places to make a registration for gambling. Second, have a strict bankroll management system and oblige its rules as it’s a real pack of laws from your national law system. Last, but not least, don’t stop learning from the best!

Getting interesting practices, good suggestions for poker strategies, as well as inspiring by big pros are things that will improve your game, no doubts. Because of all of these, we believe you will strongly appreciate the following list we have prepared for you. It consists of the top poker Twitter profiles to follow in the 2020th year.

Daniel Negreanu

We recommend you this amazing person not only because he has been one of the most discussed and successful poker players for the last decades, but also because you will get quite amazed by his short messages in Twitter. Daniel Negreanu loves giving free tips to the poker community, but he also loves getting into rude discussions with his pro fellows and sometimes, it gets quite hilarious. You shouldn’t miss these talks, guys.

Phil Hellmuth

This American pro poker player is kind of source of inspiration for us. We love him not because of his endless list of poker successes and wins. We love Phil Hellmuth because he’s a role model. And he shows this side of his nature in the deepest and most honest way in Twitter. The poker player keeps his followers updated with everything that happens in his life, but outside of poker. Why, then should you follow him? Because Phil Hellmuth reminds you that every poker pro is a human being, too, and every punter shouldn’t forget being a human or living healthily!

Tom Dwan

We strongly appreciate to follow Tom Dwan’s Twitter profile mostly because he’s a guy like you. This casino pro is a real child of internet and his entire poker career takes place here, in the web. Tom Dwan is the guy that knows the best what you need – he will point you out new websites to visit, tactics to implement when using a bonus, tricks to daftar lapak303 if you believe you are not eligible to do so and many more. Plus – don’t forget that Tom is one of the most popular punters who got rich within less than a year. And we all want to have real proves that our dream is possible to happen close, right?


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