Top extraordinary things you can actually bet on

Top extraordinary things you can actually bet on

Check out some crazy bet markets standing next to Judi Bola in today’s betting market. Find out what else, besides sports you can place bets on.

Probably you like many other Judi Bola lovers prefer football and once in a while tennis and horseracing bets, but what about if I tell you that there are plenty of super crazy things you can bet on? I don’t even talk about those weird sport disciplines we’ve recently found out to be registered as official sports – like cornhale or rock, paper and scissors. I’m talking about the following top extraordinary things that recently haven been appearing in lots of gambling platforms to diversify your betting activity:

  • UFOs. Do you believe in aliens? It doesn’t actually matter whether you do or not. What matters is that if you place a long-term bet that UFO will land on our planet within the next 5 years those skeptical people will envy you a lot!
  • Pesapallo. No, this isn’t Italian pasta. It’s actually an old, but gold entertainment form in Finland, which was recently applied for official registration as a sport type. In this thing – because we don’t know how exactly to call it – basketball and batting are mixed in a quite crazy form.
  • Ferret bingo. Let’s make it clear. This isn’t any country’s lottery, but it’s a type of tote game – not officially registered. Anywhere. Ferret bingo requires you to predict the exit (there are 7 in totals) from where the ferret is going to escape from a cage. Eco fellows, please, don’t hate us. We haven’t invented it. Just mention it.
  • Celebrity deaths. It’s not kind, but it’s real. Everything started with the amateur gambling website website where you place bets on the date the American stand-up comedian will die. And it was just the beginning, because these days some dark bookmakers will ask you when another celebrity will die.
  • The next Pope – any suggestions? Considering the current coronavirus situation, this betting activity might have reached enormous sizes. However, it’s a must to tell you that the predictions about the next pope have been on since a couple of years.
  • Kim Jong-Un. Try to think off any bet type about the Korean leader and you might find it in numerous betting websites. There even are suggestions for long-term bets such as if Kim Jong-Un will challenge Trump for some golf game.
  • The end of the world. It’s a bet we have all placed in our lives, but in a free mode. Although it’s not polite to discuss in such a pandemic situation, it’s a fact that many Judi Bola websites have listed such a long-term bet next to other political bets.
  • The Queen. God Save the Queen and bookmakers set the bet for the Queen. The British Queen has been always under the spotlights and just like Kim Jong-Un she has been encouraged a lot of bookies to invent all types of weird markets about herself.


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