Funding your Indonesian sport betting account – step-by-step guide

Funding your Indonesian sport betting account – step-by-step guide

Check out our simple guide about deposits in the most common and popular Indonesian agen bola websites. Read the instructions to protect your money.

In the Indonesian sport betting market there’s nothing different or special within the preparation procedure for a start of your gambling career. Like in any other country, in Indonesia, you will have to find a decent agen bola at first, then to complete the registration process by following the website instructions carefully and eventually to land on the page with the deposits. Usually, opening an account is a procedure, which in most betting websites is explained very precisely. But things get different when we come to the tasks to fund this account.

And since financial transactions hide risks and require precise execution, it has become a must for us to give you a hand by providing you our step-by-step guide for deposits in Indonesian sport betting platforms. Check it out now.

  1. First of all, check out the available payment methods. There might be a possibility for you not to find even a single suitable for you way to fund your account. Indeed, most of the Indonesian bookmakers offer long lists with methods for deposits and withdrawals, but if you are an e-wallet fan, for instance, the one you use, might not be in.
  2. Note that some betting houses – not only such from Indonesia – have withdrawal methods that are different from deposit methods. This is why it is a must to check them both. If you see the withdrawal methods after the registration, you might get disappointed when landing on the deposit page. And vice versa – you might have a convenient way to fund your account, but later, when you make a claim for a withdrawal, to get deprived for the chance to receive the income.
  3. Find the button for payments, deposits, deposit and withdrawals or financial transactions. In most cases, the button is simply called “deposit”. Click on it and you will be probably transferred to a different page.
  4. Read the requirements for a deposit. The only limits you will probably find are for the currency type and for the minimum deposit amount. Sometimes, the betting houses require from the punters to validate their accounts (with ID documents) to get enable to make financial transactions.
  5. Choose the payment method that meets all of your needs. Some of the punters prefer to opt for the faster deposit method in order to get started as soon as possible. However, they risk some money with this approach, because there are payment methods, which are fast and secured, but charged with fees.
  6. Check out if there’s an available deposit bonus provided by your agen bola. If there’s one conduct your first deposit with the bonus conditions. Usually, the promotions are shown in % and with a maximum limit – for instance, 100% deposit bonus up to 100 USD. In this case, it’s better for you to deposit 100 USD. In this case you will get the maximum bonus amount. 


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