Online Gambling

Online Gambling

Gambling means risking money or something of monetary value on an event with an uncertain outcome to win a prize or money in return. When gambling is done via the internet, it is known as online gambling. In online gambling, people use the internet to place bets on casino games, sports games. Therefore, now you can gamble anywhere and anytime at home or work using the internet

Origin of Online Gambling

Although Gambling dates back to ancient civilizations, the introduction of online gambling was in the late 20th Century. In addition, these are some important achievements in online gambling.

  • 1994: The Free Trade and Processing Act granting the license to companies for online casinos.
  • 1996: Beginning of the first-ever online casino.
  • 1998: The launch of the first internet poker room.
  • 1999: Launching of multiplayer gaming to gambling together.
  • 2016:  The initiation of the virtual reality headset games.
  • 2018: Starting the world’s first 100% artificial intelligence-built online casino.

Types of Online Gambling Games

Like traditional gambling, there are various types of online gambling games. The different types of gambling games available online are as follows

  • Slots
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • PaiGow
  • Keno
  • Craps
  • Bingo
  • Video Poker
  • Online Horse Race Betting
  • (Online) Sports Betting
  • Lotteries online

Top Online Gambling Sites

Here are the top 5 safest gambling sites of 2020.

  • 22Bet(Sports and Casino)
  • 10cric(Sports and Casino)
  • Spin Casino (Sports and Casino)
  • Betway (Sports, Casino, and Poker)
  • Royal Panda (Casino)

Problems Associated With Online Gambling

Online gambling is very convenient and easy, but it has various drawbacks. Gambling is a game of risk, but online gambling takes the risk to a whole new level. 

  • Addiction: As gambling has become convenient, people spend most of their free time gambling online. As a result, people become addicted to it. Online Gambling addiction is a very serious issue.
  • Legal Issues: Online Gambling is prohibited in many countries. Still, most of the people indulge in online gambling before online gambling one has to check the rules and regulations of online casinos.
  • Minor Players: Many children create fake IDs and register themselves to play online gambling games. As everything happens online, it becomes difficult to stop them from playing.
  • Fraud: There are many fraud online sites for gambling. One has to be really careful while choosing the site to play. Many people have lost their money while playing on fraud sites.

These are the problems associated with Online Gambling. You need to have proper knowledge about online gambling before signing up for it.


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