The Essential Parts in Poker Now

The Essential Parts in Poker Now

Some poker rooms offer a special Find A Player feature where you can find out if the player you’re looking for is currently playing and, if so, where to find him. At times, it may even be wise to switch to playing at a higher level than your normal game level if you find that weaker players occupy the table.

When moving to such a table, you should focus on playing as many hands as possible against this weak player. Keep in mind, however, it is difficult for you to win if you play poor hands repeatedly against frying. Usually waiting for good hands and making a tough bet is always good when your hands look good. Roasts aren’t happy to fold, so good hands don’t make sense to slow down.

Also mark tight players

If you see particularly tight players at your table, you might want to mark it too. Tight players are especially dangerous when they raise in pre-flop rounds. When a tight player takes a hand, he or she often has a very good starting hand (eg pocket pocket or high picture cards).

If you’ve made a tough player note in the past and are in a difficult situation, this mark can save you a lot of money by being able to give up a hand early enough.

How to tag different style players

Each player has their own style of play. However, other game styles are clear signs of your opponent’s weakness and should be noted. One of the typical bad player signs is limping off the button when no one else has taken part in the pot.

Limiting the button is almost never sensible. You should note this in your notes. It’s a good idea to learn how to make short cuts, since the space for notes is often small and you don’t have time to read long lines in a hectic poker game. If somebody is limping first on a button, you can mark it like this.

This means that the player limped off the button at the table of ten players, even though no one else had taken the pot before him. This marking reveals that the player is not completely clear about the optimal way to play. Also, limiting the button seems to be the movement of a player who bets only with the best hands. This information can be used in subsequent hands.

Do not come to conclusions too early

However, be careful not to draw far-reaching conclusions from one hand. If you see a player doing a non-normal game move for the third time, it will start to be a pretty good “teller”, or revealing move in the game of hate.

Occasionally players deliberately shuffle their game, which can lead to premature marking. Someone might, for example, limp some aces, for example, to “win more than the blinds”. However, at low game levels, this kind of shuffling usually only goes to the jockey’s own ankle. Therefore, it is not good to draw conclusions too early.

Challenge too loose players

In particular, you should keep track of players who play a lot of bad starting hands (eg Q9 type). In today’s online poker, it is not possible to cope with too many bad hands. Junk players often get good winnings, but sometimes they also fall into miracle hands.


So be prepared for anything against these guys. However, do not let the passes overwhelm your mind, because sooner or later these players will lose money to their tougher counterparts.


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